Exchange of Medical Professionals

Interested in Studying in America?

MedBridgeUS has developed a comprehensive network of the top US cancer hospitals and universities.  Our team’s expertise is in the relationships we have in these facilities.  Our success comes from seeing the needs of the international medical community and meeting the challenge of broadening medical knowledge.

Studying as a Medical visiting scholar is one of the best ways to advance a career in health care. Training abroad helps health care workers to improve clinical skills by expanding scientific research thinking, but most importantly, it trains a student in the advanced medical philosophies and practices of the United States.  Students who have studied abroad also develop long term relationships with doctors in the top US hospitals with whom they often communicate regularly for guidance after returning to China.

Services: We recommend Chinese medical staff to the top hospitals and disciplines in which the student/researchers are interested in studying. We base our programs on the student’s needs.  We regularly introduce well-known US doctors to teach or work with doctors in China.

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