About Us

Who we are

MedBridgeUS is an American company comprised of top US doctors, medical researchers and remote diagnostic experts that uses the latest technologies to serve a geographically diverse patient community.

We are dedicated to providing international patients with access to diagnostic tools that implement a wide range of highly effective medical services in the United States.

We coordinate professional medical resources for US-bound Chinese patients who require a high degree of consultation, coordination, transportation and accommodation all while ensuring a smooth transition to the US for treatment.

We provide access to expert medical services through our team of highly trained professionals.  Building on the years of professional expertise of our team, we have perfected the “concierge medicine” concept.

In addition to consulting with and setting up treatment for international patients, our commitment to medical excellence extends to the international expansion and sharing of medical knowledge, training, techniques and personnel.  We are actively involved in the exchange of Chinese and American medical staff between top-tier medical research and teaching hospitals in the US.

Our concept is simple yet comprehensive.

MedBridgeUS is the first company to integrate the three key functions of remote diagnostic screening, coordination of concierge services for medically qualified patients and the exchange of medical professionals between the US and China.


The founders of MedBridgeUS are top medical doctors, cancer pathologists, university professors and cancer researchers.  They have teamed with top technologists to form a cutting edge treatment delivery organization to provide an unequaled level of care focused on positive patient outcomes.

Over the years the team has recognized the need to fill the gap between the Chinese and US health care systems.  MedBridgeUS’ goal is to provide patients with the most attentive medical advisory services and access to the best medical care available in the United States.

Our Team:

1. Senior healthcare management experts

2. Senior licensed physicians and pathologists

3. Senior cancer researchers

4. Senior marketing and database experts

5. Senior IT and sales experts

6. Financial  professionals

7. Professional team of lawyers

Our mission:

  • To raise awareness of the high level of quality healthcare available in the United States.
  • To provide an unbiased source of information for patients about top hospitals, their quality of care and outcomes.
  • To promote and provide a forum for communication and to increase connectivity between patients and healthcare providers.
  • To seek out future affiliated technologies that will allow the US healthcare providers to operate more efficiently in the global healthcare industry.