PD-L1 – Immunotherapy: Helping Barry’s body beat cancer

“When I first started the [immunotherapy] drug, I immediately knew it was working. I could feel my body changing – pain, neuropathy, all those things were beginning to go away. My tumors shrunk about 25 percent immediately.

“I’ve been doing outstanding ever since. I’ve been riding my bicycle and doing everything I want to do. I don’t even feel like I’m on any type of treatment. I don’t have to be sick and lie in bed and have my life be limited. My life is full.

“When I look back at my family, that my mother died from cancer, her mother, her sister – they all went through chemotherapy and radiation like I did. But for me to be able to participate in a cutting-edge treatment that’s going to help so many other people, I feel like that’s part of what God wants for me.”

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